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Re: KeyError while running getnotincomps.py


On 27 Jul 2005, at 12:26, Manilal K M wrote:

Hello all,
I am trying to customize FC4. My aim is to provide a subset of FC4
with a limited no of packages. I have edited the comps.xml and when I
run getnotincomps.py it cause an error. The command and the complete
output is given below:
[root ost2 kairali-1.2]# /usr/share/comps-extras/getnotincomps.py
/home/kairali-1.2 i386 Fedora/base
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/share/comps-extras/getnotincomps.py", line 58, in ?
File "/usr/share/comps-extras/getnotincomps.py", line 47, in main
for pkg in comps.packages[name].dependencies:
KeyError: 'iiimf-server'

What could be wrong?
Any help will be appreciated

I was trying to produce a customised single disk distribution. I couldn't
get the getnotincomps.py to work at all. I wanted it to tell me what I
didn't need in my distro. I never solved this problem but Dan Trainor
made an excellent suggestion. Do a web install then look at the web log
for the rpms that got installed. I did this from a local machine and
this combined with some other things worked well for me.

I'm still interested in finding out how to get getnotincomps.py to work.

All the best,


Oisin Mulvihill wrote:

dvd isn't an option at the moment and won't happen at all for the
existing 70+ kiosks I have at present.

My main problem is I follow the process to produce the distro,
but I can't get the tools show me the rpms I don't need. I don't
know whether my comps.xml is the problem or its just a problem
with the getnotincomps.py. The getnotincomps.py seems to be failing
because it can't find dependancies for each package in I mention
in the comps.xml. Why this is the case I don't know as getfullcomps.py
seems to be working fine along with the other stages up to running

Does anyone have more detailed instructions for producing a single
disk install with anaconda?


Hello, Oisin -

What I've been doing, is an HTTP-based kickstart, parsing the logs of
the files that were downloaded for the install that I had configured,
then simply copied those files and only those files to by "real" RPMS/

I realize that you don't want to do network kickstart installs for all
these kiosks. What I'm saying is, at least do a single HTTP-based
install, watch your web server logs, find out which RPMs and only which
RPMs are installed by your kickstart configuration, and use those and
only those RPMs in your RPMS/ archive.

I've never, to this day, gotten getnotincomps.py to work.

Hope this helps

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