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Re: [PATCH] RHEL 4 U2 nfsmountopts

On Mon, 2005-10-10 at 14:34 -0400, Brian Long wrote:

> I'm looking at CVS HEAD for anaconda/isys/imount.c and I see your
> options bitmask with IMOUNT_RDONLY, IMOUNT_BIND, and IMOUNT_REMOUNT.  I
> assume the *data is where the filesystem-specific mount options are
> supposed to be specified, but I don't see *data being parsed before
> calling nfsmount() with &extra_opts and &mount_opt.  The only thing I
> see is this:
> if (data)
> 	strdup(data);
> Before I dig too much further, how do you expect *data to be transformed
> into extra_opts for nfsmount() or should extra_opts = strdup(data)?

>From the man page for mount(2):

The data argument is interpreted by the different file systems.
Typically it is a string of comma-separated options understood by this
file system.  See mount(8) for details of the options available for each
filesystem type.


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