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Re: [PATCH] RHEL 4 U2 nfsmountopts

On Thu, 2005-09-15 at 11:50 -0400, Brian Long wrote:
> The patch in the following Bugzilla adds nfsmountopts flag to Anaconda.
> This is parsed by loader and used in the doPwMount function when the NFS
> client mounts /mnt/source.
> This is needed to override the kickstart kernel defaults in RHEL 4 of
> rsize=32768,wsize=32768,udp.  If tcp was being used, the large
> rsize,wsize would not be a problem.  With udp, however, large
> rsize,wsize is causing longer installation times due to retransmissions.

I'd rather try to approach this from a less brute force approach.  As it
stands now, the number of arguments to doPwMount is getting fairly

If we're going to make changes to doPwMount, we should probably make it
closer to just a wrapper of mount(2).  The various integer flags should
probably become a bitmask.  The account and password arguments are only
there for (obsolete) SMB support, so should just be dropped.  Instead of
adding an NFS specific option, maybe doing just a pointer to fs specific
options makes more sense.  I'll probably do this later tonight now that
I've written out a description of it ;)

For the other side of things, I'd rather see the nfs options in the
'nfs' kickstart directive and with special handling in ks=nfs:... rather
than making another bit of global data.  Although this doesn't help the
interactive case right now, we'll probably going to have to do something
for when we add NFSv4 support anyway, so this is a logical step to move
things in the right direction.


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