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Re: driverdisk option on RH7.3

On Mon, 2006-08-07 at 16:24 +1000, john wrote:
> Now, back to my problem. All I'm trying to do is remove the need to
> insert the driver diskette by placing a copy of the driver disk's files
> (module-info, modules.dep, modules.cgz pcitable) onto the DVD itself and
> then telling anaconda to go looking for my drivers on the DVD rather
> than prompting me for a diskette.
> The 7.3 manual says I can do this using the line
>     driverdisk hda --type=iso9660
> in my ks.cfg kickstart file.
> This is apparently supposed to be interpreted as 'go and look in the
> root of the hda partition and you will find some drivers that you need
> to load'. But it isn't. Unfortunately, what happens is that anaconda
> doesn't appear to look where it's told, it therefore doesn't keep track
> of my special 3ware drivers and in the end, doesn't rebuild the initrd
> image needed by the smp kernel that gets loaded when I finally boot
> drectly from the HDD.

Hi John,

is the image of your driverdisk on the root of your CD (hda) and called
dd.img? As parameter mostly --type=vfat or ext2, which depends on the
format of the dd.img, not the root-fs.

That's at least my understanding, I'm not using it yet, could be coming
later this week. Please keep me informed (on this list of course) with
your successes - or not.


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