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[Fwd: Re: [openib-general] Kickstart over OpenIB?]

Jeremy et al,

I asked the openIB folks about your netlink vs. ioctl issue wrt.
Infiniband and they responded in the attached email.  Any chance we can
have the openIB drivers inside the official FC5 initrd so I can try
kickstarting?  I'll follow support channels wrt. updating initrd for
RHEL 4 U3 beta  ;-)

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    Brian> I would like to know how difficult it would be to modify
    Brian> kickstart such that it would work over Infiniband.  I've
    Brian> asked the Red Hat anaconda developers about this and, as
    Brian> you can see in the attached email, they believe IB only
    Brian> accepts netlink and no ioctls for network setup.  Is this
    Brian> true?

No, I think RH support is a little confused.  A few ioctls having to
do with hardware addresses (eg SIOCGIFHWADDR) don't work for IB,
because IPoIB hardware addresses are 20 bytes while the ioctl ABI can
only handle 14 bytes.  The practical impact is that ifconfig will not
show the correct HW address for an IPoIB interface.

Other than that, any strictly IP-related ioctls will work fine -- for
example, something like "ifconfig ib0" works.

With that said I don't have much experience with kickstart, so I have
no idea if there are any other glitches that you might run into.

 - R.

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