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Help: Install without touching partition table?


I got a problem when trying to install from a standard FC4_64 DVD:

I have a machine which has 16 existing partitions on hda (3 primary, rest of 
them in a big extended part., misc Distros, among them: FC2, FC3, FC4_x86)
It uses grub for multibooting these various distros.
After upgrading my mainboard to an Athlon64, i want to install FC4_64 
on /dev/hda15. The partitioning looks ok when viewed from e.g. FC4_x86.

In anaconda, i select manual partitioning, set the mount point to /, disable
bootloader (because i manage that manually from within another Distro), 
continue to select packages and when it comes to actual install phase, 
anaconda mysteriously tries to notify the kernel of a change on hda5 which 
fails with /dev/hda5 being busy.

Obviously, anaconda thinks it has changed hda5 which in fact isn't the case.
This never happened before (i.e. i installed FC4_x86 in the same manner on
another partition without problems).

So my question is:
Is there any option to completely skip partitioning during install-time and 
only specify the (pre-existing) root partition?

This is the first installation attempt after the mainboard upgrade so i assume 
that this might be triggered by a difference in how the new IDE controller 
reports disk geometry (and anaconda silently wants to "fix" it). Is there a 
runtime option to override geometry-info on commandline during install? (as 
an alternative to skiping partitioning)

Fritz Elfert <fritz elfert millenux com>                     Millenux GmbH
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70825 Stuttgart                                     FAX: +49 711 88770 349

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