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Re: Bugs filed...

Which reminds me...  I'm not versed in how the anaconda code is structured,
so could someone point out to me where the CD install media gets unmounted
in the scripts? I'd like to comment that out or shuffle it around so that it happens
after the %post scripts get run.



Philip Prindeville wrote:
Ok, filed a couple more bugs.

One suggesting that if "network --device ..." has been specified, then this state should be applied in the %post state. That is, if the target state of the machine is that eth0 is up on boot with DHCP, then this should be the state that %post sees.

(The rationale being that if the various partitions are up and mounted when %post
runs, why shouldn't the network also be primed at that time???)

Second one suggesting that the CDrom be left mounted until after %post has run.

In fact, there's really no reason to unmount it before the shutdown/reboot happens
(same rationale).

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