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Whether /mnt/source should be visible chroot'd or not

I had filed the following bug:


because, as a newbie, I thought the behavior of Anaconda was
counter-intuitive and found myself doing something that must
have been done by a good number of others, and wondered why
it wasn't the default behavior (doing it wouldn't break anything
expecting the backwards compatible behavior).

But the bug was closed with the following comment:


Doing this breaks expectations of people -- /mnt/source isn't going to exist on
the real system.  Also, it's not going to work with non-CD install methods.

which I didn't understand, and seemed to be counter to most expectations.

So I wanted to ask, am I really alone here in left field?  Because at
least one other posting (earlier today) on Kickstart-list seemed to
imply that this is a fairly common expectation/misunderstanding.

Anyone else have feelings on this issue either way?

What am I missing?


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