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Re: Whether /mnt/source should be visible chroot'd or not

Philip Prindeville wrote:
John Summerfied wrote:

Philip Prindeville wrote:

which I didn't understand, and seemed to be counter to most expectations.

So I wanted to ask, am I really alone here in left field?  Because at
least one other posting (earlier today) on Kickstart-list seemed to
imply that this is a fairly common expectation/misunderstanding.

Anyone else have feelings on this issue either way?

What am I missing?

Where would you expect the install source to be mounted if you're installing via http or ftp?

Well, obviously network based (or specifically .iso image based)
installs have some variation.  I pointed this out in the fact that
doing a DVD-based (or CD-based) install doesn't enable networking
(though it wouldn't do any harm to do so).

I suggest you learn what environment variables are set (there are some) and where the ks file is, and how to extract the info you want from those sources.

Ok.  I'll look into it.  Too bad this isn't pointed out anywhere obvious
in the Kickstart documentation.  Perhaps it's a future addition...  Is
there something besides ANACONDAARGS I should be looking at?

Without setting up a test environment myself, I couldn't say. In part, that's why I was a little vague.

You might care to examine /proc/cmdline - you could signal your own extensions there: "setup=server"

As for the ks file... Yeah, that could be more clear also.  If one
specifies "ks=cdrom", it isn't clear where on the cdrom it's
expected to live from the docs... I.e. is it in the root, or the
isolinux/ directory, or even in the initrd.img file...  People trying
to build installers shouldn't have to sift through the internals of
how Anaconda works in order to figure that stuff out, IMO.

I never used "ks=cdrom", but I thought it was clear when first I read about it back around the time of RHL 7.x. I prefer to get my ks files off the network - it's quick, and changing it doesn't involve burning new CDs or fiddling with floppies. OTOH, if you don't have a network then that's not an option for you.

You can, if you choose, have several %post scripts, and the first of those could do the discovery and write the results to the target system in a convenient location.

Actually, I currently do that now in a %pre script, since the
mount point of the DVD gets clobbered in the FC5 version
(and will do so until bugid 191381 gets into the distribution).

The first cut would simply be like this:
set >somepath/somefile
ls -l /tmp >somepath/anotherfile
cp /tmp/*ks somepath/

Actually, I currently do:

cp /mnt/source/ks.cfg ...

it's not necessarily called "ks.cfg."

from a non-chrooted %post script...  Is there any difference between
that one and the one that gets copied into /tmp?

Well, the one in /tmp is the one actually used, and AFAIK it's always there, whatever its source is. If I use that one, I know I have the right one whereas if I get it off the CD.

What if you use a different one, and when booting say 'ks=floppy?'

btw I believe it's possible to rewrite the ks file in %pre. You could (maybe), if "setup=server" appears in /proc/cmdline (it might also be in the environment), rewrite the kickstart file with your server selection of packages in it.



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