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Re: Resend: mediacheck and kickstart

Thanks for replay ;-)

On Don 23.11.2006 06:43, John Summerfield wrote:
Aleksandar Lazic wrote:

have nobody any infos to this?!

Btw.: will you accept a patch which add this feature?

How many times would you run the media check?

Only once as the same way as in the *default*
redhat/fedora/... "menu-options"

What if it fails sometimes, passes sometimes? (I have had this happen -
same drive , so decided nonce was enough!).

But what does the fedora/redhat make, it stops the installation, isn't

If you want to do a media check, I suggest you do that separately. It's
an intensively manual process, and ks is designed to do away with


A better idea I think, is to verify the media when burning.

Ok, but if the Hardware in the target maschine can't read the medium but
the on the burned maschine was all ok?!



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