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Re: Heads-up: anaconda branched

Joshua Jensen wrote:
On Thu, Oct 12, 2006 at 11:18:11AM -0400, James Bowes wrote:

Jeremy Katz wrote:

I've created a new branch for any last minute anaconda changes prior to
Fedora Core 6's release (fc6-branch).  Also, there's similarly

Development for the next release of Fedora will begin again on HEAD
shortly... if you have ideas of things you want to work on, let's get
some conversations started here.

Is there still an interest in adding mirror lists? I wouldn't mind implementing that.

YES.  That would be a WONDERFUL feature.  Please consider fastest mirror
implementation too.  In a global org, fastest mirror installs would be a
wonderful, wonderful thing.

As a user, I would like the ability (as in Debian) to choose the mirror. In Debian one's asked to specify the country (in Anaconda that's already done with reasonable certainty in specifying the time zone), and then to choose by name (again, the time zone choice is a good hint).

one of the choices whould be "other," so I can specify one you don't know.

The install source should always be configured as an available source of packages; it won't always be the most convenient, but it will almost always work.

The layout of mirrors should be documented (all I know is what I've seen by inspection) so that Anaconda can usefully check whether the install source has updates, as a public mirror probably has and a local mirror may.



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