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File conflicts error during FC5 installation

Hello All,

I'm trying to build my own customised OS from FC5 which will be of just a single CD.

I have completed almost all the process but now met with the FILE CONFLICTS error.

The installation is very proper and even during the checking of the package dependencies I don't have any problem. The file system formatting is also proper and I could also delete and reformat a partition. But once the installer gets ready to start the installation of various packages I get the the following error:

Installation couldn't continue because of the the following reasons : file conflicts

I have edited the comps.xml file accordingly and have also completed the necessary things as given in the Fedora site perfectly. I have gone wrong somewhere but couldn't traceout where exactly I went wrong.

If anyone have previuosly completed this task previously kindly please help me so that I can build my own distribution as once this is complete I can proudly say that I also have a new distribution.

Waiting for your generous response,
M. Arunkumar @ MAK

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