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Re: File Conflicts error in FC5

On 1/3/07, M. ArunKumar <marun odysseytec com> wrote:
Sorry people I didn't edit the comps.xml file properly. Now after editing it properly for my list of packages I am now done with my customisation and I have also installed my customised OS in my machine but still I have som,e questions:

1. I don't see the installer probing for Video Cards and Monitor. What could be the reason ?

Maybe you miss some package ?

2. The Graphical Installation didn't start. Don't know why

Check Anaconda's dependencies

3. How can I skip some steps during installation (like the selection of languages) so that by default I can go and continue the installation instead of just pressing a Enter key during that stage.

Use kickstart & option "interactive" => the installation using values
from ks.cfg as the defaults

4. What should I do if I need to run my cutom script during some stage of the installation like, during the Post Install as I need to change the Fedora Core in the /etc/fedora-release. So what can I do ?

White some post-installation scripts for that or why not customize
yourself RPM packages ?

Good luck,


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