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Re: Have to wipe LVM after repeated reinstall

John Summerfield wrote:
Christopher Boumenot wrote:

I have been noticing a problem with anaconda when repeatedly installing a server with a disk configuration involving LVM. Anaconda will fail because it cannot create the volume group VolumeGroup00. After looking at the disk, it is clear why - the volume group still exists. To get around this I wrote a simple %pre script that destroys all PGs, VGs, and LVs it knows about. A copy of that script may be found at the bottom of this email. Is this the correct solution, or should Anaconda be handling this? I have verified this behavior on RHEL 4u2, and CentOS 4u4.

Doesn't clearpart work?

Just to re-iterate what Greg said, nope. My posted Kickstart script uses clearpart, and that does not solve the problem.


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