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Re: Two questions about RPM packages

Jesse Keating wrote:
On Thursday 18 January 2007 14:47, Ali Majdzadeh wrote:
Hi Jesse
I don't think so. Because this RPM is a part of an installation process.
The order in which RPMs are installed is the issue, I think. Steven
suggested to use Requires tag.
By the way, the RPM mentioned performs some tasks regarding total
modification of installation, not only some self rpm related post install

Sorry, I think you misunderstood me.

With a kickstart (scripted install), there is a %post section where you can have things done after all packages are installed, but before the reboot. Sounds like what you're trying to accomplish with a package trick, when it would be just easier to do it in kickstart %post.

And, less likely to break in later releases. Kickstart's %post is using defined behaviour, whereas relying on the order of package installation order, however you try to control it, is relying on undefined behaviour.

As best I've been able to figure it, however Anaconda orders packages, it does _not_ seem to me to be based on dependencies. Logically, filesystem should be installed first (contains /usr etc). In the several nahant-clone systems I've just polled, it's early, but not first.

indexhtml gets in surprisingly early, esp considering it's so useless.



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