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Re: feature: do not eject DVD after media check

Alexander Todorov wrote:
Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay wrote:
There might not be a second DVD - so can you provide an example as to
when this would be handy ?

Yes. Imagine the situation where you are performing a remote install. For some reason the only available media is CD/DVD dics and you have a buddy to cooperate with during the install. The person with physical access inserts the cd and powers up the machine. On the remote end you may control the installation (using serial console for example). There is no point ejecting the disc and your buddy going to reinsert it again.

Agree completely!!!!!! Gratuitous media ejection really, really, really, frosts me. Proper UI design will allow for the user to eject the device IF they need this to happen. Unprompted media ejection is acceptable when you *need* another disc and there's no other drive, or you're agonna reboot.

On the subject, I've had some instances where a disc that was previously in the drive was requested again (IIRC, it was always disc1 that was requested again). I realize this optimization--reading each disc once and only once--isn't trivial, but, well, that's what software is for, isn't it? ;)

David N. Lombard
Rossmoor, Orange County, CA

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