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Re: [PATCH, RFC] stop neutering DRI

On Tue, 2008-04-08 at 00:02 -0400, Jeremy Katz wrote:
> The DRI modules static link libGL, so this might be a problem.  Also,
> given that the dri modules are statically linked, it's going to be a not
> insubstantial space jump.  From a quick test, mksquashfs /usr/lib/dri is
> 11 megs which is 10% of the size of stage2.  Which isn't necessarily the
> end of the world, but it just continues to creep up various things.  It
> might also make stage2 + kernel + initrd no longer fit on a 128 meg usb
> key

I talked to ajax about that on the bus yesterday.  He thought he had a
couple possible ways of getting rid of the static link in each driver,
and just use a shared library (that's private).  That could save a
significant amount of ondisk space, but not a change that any of us feel
comfortable doing for F9 at this point.

Jesse Keating
Fedora -- All my bits are free, are yours?

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