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Re: loader/stage2 interaction

Chris Lumens wrote:

If you PXE boot, you can specify multiple initrd lines and they'll all
get combined together to work.  I'd just make a second initrd containing
gdbserver and add a new target for booting with it.

For other booting methods, I don't know right now.  I'm sure we can
figure something out for CDs and the like.

grub supports multiple module lines, are those useful?

Hm, no, it's not my intention to remove all the support for customizing
ISO image installs.  I do want to keep around the implicit updates.img
locations so you don't have to rebuild images, as I agree that's a
total pain.  We just need to think up good ways to support these
customizations without creating a giant mess.

Does updates.img provide a way to sneak a kickstart file in?
Is updates.img sought automatically? or does one need to add the the kernel options?



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