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[PATCH] preview of stage2= patches

Here's a preview of the patches I am working on to support stage2= in
anaconda.  As you may be aware, support for this parameter is wanted to
support the preupgrade feature for F9, as well as for moving more towards
putting repo selection and configuration entirely in stage2.

These patches just work in the loader for now.  You've got a stage2=
parameter, which should point directly at the stage2 image itself.  method=
still exists and still functions like it used to.  If stage2= fails for
some reason, you fall back to the UI and everything proceeds as if
method= was passed.  If stage2= works, I have more work to do before anything
useful can happen.

I have tested both parameters for NFS and HTTP, and it works for both of
those.  I still need to work on passing the method parameter to stage2 and
handling mounting/fetching/whatever there.  HD and NFSISO still need to be
worked on and tested.  I'm also not sure how well I am handling error
conditions around checking the .discinfo files.

Like I said, this is a preview.  Thoughts?

- Chris

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