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Releasing anaconda fixes to updates/


For quite some time now Fedora Unity has been doing these Re-Spins, which primarily just included all the updated packages for what had been released for a Fedora X or Y.

With one of our previous Re-Spins, we had successfully ported a fix from anaconda's development back into F8 stock anaconda, bumped the release number and used it for our Re-Spin. The fix we backported had to do with glibc.i686 and openssl.i686 being used during upd-instroot instead of glibc.i386 and openssl.i386, and with help and advice from Chris Lumens we decided we could backport the fix without too much hassle.

Today, another issue occurs with libXcomposite not being pulled in during the graphical installer image compose stage (upd-instroot), while mini-wm does require it to even run at all. This means attempting a graphical install will now fail when including the updates/ repository.

Right at this moment we have included another fix in anaconda which is supposed to resolve that issue too -we'll be running even more extensive tests on our Re-Spins to verify we haven't broken anything else, but the point I'm trying to raise here is something different.

These fixes we apply (and not release to updates/ as obviously we can't), are now not made available to anyone else composing Fedora 8 [1], which kind of eliminates Re-Spin, Re-Factor, Re-Mix or whatever it is you would want to call it. I'm sure you'll appreciate that /me being upstream for one of those compose tools I strongly feel for getting the fixes I apply out there to the general public, preferably via upstream anaconda and all that is Fedora (updates/, koji, bodhi, etc).

How would you, anaconda development team, feel for getting fixes into stable branches and updates being pushed to the appropriate repositories?

Thank you in advance,

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

[1] Of course the fixes are available, after all we're GPL compliant, they're just not in the Fedora Infra..

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