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Re: RFE: Support kickstart files in rescue mode

Jeremy Katz wrote:
On Wed, 2008-07-23 at 16:30 +0300, Alexander Todorov wrote:
Jeremy Katz wrote:
| I'm not entirely convinced on this front -- this then requires a lot of
| manual work to find and mount the rootfs and thus avoids testing one of
| the biggest parts of rescue mode (finding and mounting the root).  We're
| probably better off doing the mount through the normal paths if you're
| doing kickstart rescue mode

Leaving aside the mount of the root fs we can test other stuff: FirstAidKit
(although you can test it by other means also), if the rescue environment is
sane (e.g. bash is there), if we can chroot into the system (given we've mounted
that by hand), network setup, anything else people will do if they boot with
nomount and start poking around in the shell.

I agree with doing the mount through the current code but how do we cleanly
avoid the places where the user is asked to make a decision:
Mount: Read/Write, Read only, Skip ?

Either a new directive or just doing the sane default (r/w) if we're in
kickstart mode.  Arguably, we should have a 'rescue' directive that acts
like upgrade and others and kicks us into rescue mode so that you can
have everything for rescue mode specified in the ks.cfg.  Then you'd
  rescue --nomount
  rescue --romount

This seems to go hand in hand with my "less is more" idea :)

What partition contains the root fs?

The easy answer is that we just do the first.  And then if we think that
caring about multiple roots[1] is important, then we should do it in a
way that generalizes and also helps the upgrade case

Which would mean changing the findExistingRoots thing we have in there.


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