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Re: loader/stage2 interaction

On Thu, May 01, 2008 at 05:12:42PM -0700, Kay Williams wrote:
> > > > product.img:  What prohibits us from doing the same as with the
> > > > updates.img?  The two are arguably really about the same thing -
> making
> > > > modifications to the stage2 image.  The product.img just modifies the
> > > > available installclasses.  That's still modifying anaconda's source
> > > > files if you think about it.
> > > 
> > > Yes, but logically, a product.img is more related to your packages than
> > > to your installer.  Maybe this is just the sign that we need to blow up
> > > install classes like I've been threatening to do for years. 
> >
> > Well I can certainly just remove the code to download them and then
> > you'll have no choices besides fixing product.img or hoping no one ever
> > asks for it back.
> product.img's are quite useful for creating custom spins w/o needing to run
> a full buildinstall.  In our case, we automatically generate them to provide
> custom .buildstamp, installclass, and pixmap files.

We do something similar by generating a product.img from a package,
anaconda-custom, which allows customers to customize most any part of
anaconda that they would like. By default we use this to generate a
custom set of pixmaps and a .buildstamp.


Elliot Peele
rPath, Inc.
elliot rpath com

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