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Re: [PATCH] removal of libdhcp

Bill Nottingham wrote:
Chris Lumens (clumens redhat com) said:
libdhcp replaced libpump around F-5 or so. It's been nothing but
What was wrong with libpump?
The initial motivation for replacing libpump with libdhcp was that
libpump had no support for IPv6 and that support was a requirement for

... and that it was an entirely separate codebase for DHCP which means
that the installer would have different success and failure characteristics
than the rebooted system.

For my journey to work, an electric bicycle is close to ideal, it's not very far and I mostly don't carry much.

However, my wife needs a car, she carries more and public transport's not a realistic option.

Whatever the installed system's requirements might be (and it's the mobility of my laptop that brought nm down), I'd have thought Anaconda's requirements to be fairly basic, more akin to the bicycle than the car.

I do think keeping Anaconda's overall size (RAM usage) down is important.



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