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Anaconda crash during install with USB-disk-based ks.cfg #461453

I am seeing a consistent anaconda crash with the following setup. Note
that the instructions below assume 1 PATA/SATA HD, and that the USB
disk will be assigned sdb and have 1 partition...

1 - take a revisor-creted ISO

2 - store it in a USB flash drive vfat formatted with this script (it
stores the whole ISO on disk)

3 - on the syslinux menu, add to the kernel cmdline: ks=hd:sdb1:ks.cfg

4 - when stage 1 asks about the install source, pick 'hard drive' and
point it to /dev/sdb1 , path 'iso'

5 - anaconda works through the installation correctly, until it is
done with installing rpms...

6 - the anaconda debug dialog pops up...

I entered debugging mode, I found myself in this location of the code

  File "/usr/lib/booty/bootloaderInfo.py", line 939, in grubbyDiskName
    return "hd%d" % self.drivelist.index(name)

and name was sdb, but self.drivelist was ["sda"].

Filed as https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=461453 - logs
attached there...


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