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re[2]: Can the install method be contained within a kickstart file that is referenced via a %include option

Hi Jerry,

I've tried the LABEL= option but it did not work.

Thanks again for your suggestion, but the version of Anaconda I am using 
( does not seem to support the LABEL= option. 

Anaconda just complains that it cannot find the kickstart file when I use the 
LABEL= option. Also, it seems that the LABEL= option is not supported for the 
install method either as when I manually tell Anaconda where the kickstart file 
is located it then proceeds to prompt me for the install method, seemingly 
ignoring the method=hd:LABEL="name"/<dir> option I gave it.

I assume this is because I am using an older version of Anaconda. I have read a 
few brief comments about improved options support and about the concept of a 
"protected partition" in the later versions of Anaconda, but I think I need 
something very recent (e.g. F8, F9) to get access to these options.

I suppose I could always try to backport the options via the Anaconda updates 
method. That might be worth a try, but I would be getting into unknown 
territory there as I am no python programmer. If I was I would just work my way 
thorough the source for Anaconda and answer my own questions instead of 
bothering you good folks :-)

For now I intend to follow up on the suggestion by Niels de Vos, and I suppose 
I should investigate the possibility of using the Anaconda updates method to 
get access to the LABEL= option support. A little lateral thinking about the 
problem couldn't go astray either.



----------------------- Original Message -----------------------
From: Jerry Vonau <jvonau shaw ca>
To: Discussion of Development and Customization of the Red Hat Linux Installer 
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Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2008 08:15:24 -0500
Subject: Re: Can the install method be contained within a kickstart file    
that is referenced via a %include option
Matthew Richards wrote:
> Hi Jerry,
> Thanks for the suggestion, I'll give it a whirl. 
> One question that springs to mind , do you know if identifying the USB drive 
> via its label (which is how I am identifying it in my %pre script 
> coincidentally) will prevent Anaconda from seeing the USB drive as a viable 
> install target? 

Think the usb drive becomes a "protected partition", and thus becomes 
unavailable as an install target.

> Do you think I should also include an option of (ignoredisk 
> --drives=LABEL="name") in the kickstart file, and is that syntax even 
> supported?
Not sure, I just tried the LABEL=drive trick last week, to my surprise 
it worked straight away with F9. Sorry I don't recall if the usb-drive 
showed up while partitioning.


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