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Re: [PATCH] gtk stuff :-)

On Fri, 2009-04-10 at 19:22 +0200, Joel Granados Moreno wrote:
> Hello
> A lot of cleaning of the gtk code so it is more understandable to me and
> hopefully to other developers.

While I like the idea of cleaning this code up, you should seriously
consider two things:

1. It is very late to be doing things like this without some very
   thorough testing. You are basically invalidating all of the
   testing of these dialogs up to this point. do you know that the
   F11 devel freeze and our second storage test day are this coming
   Tuesday (14 April)?
2. We are probably going to rewrite most of the ui code for F12

I hate to rain on your parade since you're doing work that, in the most
basic sense, needs to be done but I'm just not sure that now is the
right time.


> 1.    Put the lv checks in inner functions.
> 2.    Minor aesthetic changes to the final section of lv dialog.
> 3.    We dont need the templuks var when defining mountCombo.
> 4.    Increase readability in partition_ui_helpers.
> 5.    Initial changes to separate gtk from logic for createPreExistFSOptionSection
>         This is a transitory commit.  Will squash it when Im finished.
>         but wanted to post it to get some initial feedback.  It
>         basically follows the idea of separating the logic from the gtk
>         painting.  It also, in the process, fixes a little bug in the
>         lv dialog.
> Revew appreciated.
> regards.
> Joel Andres Granados
> Brno, Czech Republic, Red Hat.
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