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[PATCH] DriverDiscs again - fixes according to review


I tried to fix most of the stuff you guys came up during review. But there are some places where I didn't. Let me explain why.

- I'm not moving to libarchive before it gets commited. We need testing time and rewriting stuff again and again just doesn't help with that. The code doesn't even get called during the normal user anaconda usage and can be replaced later.
- I see no point in using rpm binary directly.. we use libraries everywhere and we actually moved from iscsiadm to -liscsi as soon as it was possible. So I just do not understand why the strong objection to this particular API.. Moreover as I said in the review, I need more than just unpacking RPMs.
- Older code update / static buffers .. I updated string handling in all the code which is used right now. Getting module info is not called anywhere atm, so I'll fix it during testing.
- For the rest: We can add Anaconda loader cleanup to Wiki and make it another goal. Now it's just not the right time.


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