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Re: [PATCH] Collect DSO deps for NetworkManager plugins.

On Sun, 11 Jan 2009, David Cantrell wrote:

William F. Acker WB2FLW +1 303 722 7209 wrote:
On Fri, 9 Jan 2009, Hans de Goede wrote:

Jesse Keating wrote:
On Thu, 2009-01-08 at 14:34 -1000, David Cantrell wrote:
'cp -a' considered harmful.  jkeating brought to my attention today
libgio-2.0.so.0 was not getting copying in to the initrd.img which is
required by libnm-settings-plugin-ifcfg-rh.so.

The problem was caused by my patch to mk-images which changed the
instbin line to a 'cp -a' for the *.so files in
We need to use the instbin function so that get_dso_deps() is run on
plugin files and we pick up dependent libraries.
 scripts/mk-images |    6 +++++-
 1 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

diff --git a/scripts/mk-images b/scripts/mk-images
index 496a7c8..9e68fac 100755
--- a/scripts/mk-images
+++ b/scripts/mk-images
@@ -698,7 +698,11 @@ makeinitrd() {
     cp -a $IMGPATH/etc/dbus-1/system.d/nm-*.conf
     cp -a $IMGPATH/etc/dbus-1/system.d/NetworkManager.conf
     cp -a $IMGPATH/etc/NetworkManager/nm-system-settings.conf
-    cp -a $IMGPATH/usr/$LIBDIR/NetworkManager/*.so
+    ( cd $IMGPATH/usr/$LIBDIR/NetworkManager
+      for f in *.so ; do
+          instbin $IMGPATH /usr/$LIBDIR/NetworkManager/$f $MBD_DIR
+      done
+    )
     ( cd $IMGPATH/usr/libexec
       for f in nm-* ; do
           instbin $IMGPATH /usr/libexec/$f $MBD_DIR /usr/libexec/$f

This looks fine from a code point of view.

+1 looks good to me too.


     An, even better, it works!  I applied the two patches to
anaconda- found in F10 updates and, much to my surprise and
gratification, telnet answered.  The only downside is that, unlike, we no longer do neighbor discovery and configure an IPv6
address.  I was just dying to see if I could do a telnet installation
over V6.  <grin>  I also should note that I stopped once the telnet
session was established, so I don't know for sure that an actual
installation would be done.  The reporter of bug 471082 is going to
attempt a complete installation and she'll post the results there.  Hope
this helps.

With the move to NetworkManager, we do not currently have IPv6
networking support in anaconda anymore.  There is work upstream in
NetworkManager that is adding IPv6 support, so once that happens, we
will gain IPv6 support in anaconda (again).

Thanks for testing out telnet, glad to hear that's working again.
Two things more to report. Janina did actually complete her installation over telnet. But telnet only works if one puts an explicit address (ip=,netmask=,gateway= etc). If you use dhcp, with or without the keyword, it's as if the telnet keyword is left out, so you get prompted for everything at the console.

          Bill in Denver

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