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Re: F11 installer

> - Advanced Partitioning.  Can we at least allow 1 thing from the second
> screen, to choose partitions to install on?  Like /, /boot, etc.  no
> creating partitions, raid, or LVM.  maybe an option to run fdisk could even
> be brought back?

An option to run fdisk just seems like a UI disaster to me.

As for bringing back partitioning in some form - this is the same as the
package selection argument.  Great, we let you do one thing about
partitioning now.  Why not let people just create partitions?  That
can't be so hard, can it?  Okay now that we've let you create
partitions, how about editing them?  And configuring the bootloader?
And so on... and we're back to where we started with a complex, crowded,
and half-implemented partitioning screen that is still not at all like
the GUI experience.

> - Package Selection.  Is allowing only package groups feasible without much
> difficulty?  This package lists are common arent they?

As Jeremy said, this is a very slippery slope.  I can just see the bug
reports asking us to make the package selection screens in GUI and text
modes act the same way.

> - When text mode is selected with "linux text", I think the dialog that
> recommends vnc should explain WHY, at least for now.  So instead of the 1
> line explanation, something more like this one:
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Documentation_Beats_Installer

We certainly can beef up that dialog a little bit.

> - Any guess as to to how much ram requirement this will save?

No, I do not know.

> I guess we could now consider text mode to be for advanced users only, so it
> could be changed with that in mind, just basic functionality should do.

No, we need to change this perception.  There's no intended link between
something being on the console and something being more advanced.  For
as long as I've been working on anaconda, text mode has not been seen by
us as the advanced installer.  It's been more like the crippled
installer.  Advanced users really want to go with the installer
interface that gives them the power to do whatever crazy stuff they
want, and that's just not been possible with text mode.

- Chris

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