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Re: [QUESTION] Does Anaconda support 'repair' as suse does?


Firstaidkit (FAK) comes with fedora as a package.  So if you have a fedora
installation you can do a `yum install firstaidkit` and that will do the
FAK is plugin based so you might want to do a `yum search firstaidkit`
to see what plugins you need and install those.
FAK is also available in rescue mode so you can do stuff when you system
is not bootable.
FAK should be in liveCD.  I have not tested this but I do remember a
patch went in some time back to make this happen.

hope this helps.


On Mon, Apr 27, 2009 at 02:42:04PM +0800, Yang, Yi Y wrote:
> Hello, 
> I noticed there is a project firstaidkit in Fedora, it can do some auto repairs, users can customize it, but I can't see it on fedora 10 DVD, currently, only resuce mode is available, so my problem is how I start firstaidkit on fedora 10 DVD?  Does fedora have such a mode like suse's repair mode? I sincerely hope to get answers from you, thank you in advance.
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Joel Andres Granados
Brno, Czech Republic, Red Hat.

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