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Re: [PATCH] Fix various non-English locales in the loader (#492999)

On Sunday, May 17 2009, Bill Nottingham said:
> Chris Lumens (clumens redhat com) said: 
> > > Patches 1 & 3 tested in a local build of the loader. Patch 2 not
> > > tested directly (just slapped locale-archive in the initrd by hand),
> > > but is hopefully either obviously right or obviously wrong.
> > 
> > These all look fine.  However, what's the size difference when adding
> > locale-archive to the initrd?  That's my main concern with fixing this
> > stuff.
> It went from 18MB to 36MB.

The compressed initrd size is (largely) unimportant these days now that
we don't worry about fitting on floppies and other such fun.  Its
more the uncompressed size changes that matter because that's what ends
up being the memory usage cost
> As an aside, before I actually discovered that KMS was throwing a
> monkey wrench into, I started digging into how anaconda was loading
> the font. Obviously the code is pretty old, but it can be made a *LOT*
> simpler by just using the system setfont. That's a F-12 or later
> thing, though.

Yeah, that should be a pretty easy thing to drop in once F11 is pushed
out the door


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