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[PATCH v2] Fix various non-English locales in the loader (#492999)

First, slang doesn't handle switching from non-unicode to unicode in
the same process. Rather than find the magic internal variables to
frob, just set to a unicode locale before we ever init slang.

Second, there is some bizarre interaction going on so that when
KMS initializes, some of the console font data is no longer correct.
I could start digging into the kernel code to figure out WTF is
going on here... or I could just reset the font whenever we change

Third, we need the locale archive on stage1 so that wcwidth and
friends actually calculate character width correctly. However, we
don't want the entire glibc locale archive, so just create one
with localedef that only consists of en_US.UTF-8.

Adds 1.3MB to the installer initrd.img. Tested by building a new
anaconda package and spinning a tree with pungi.


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