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Module load order

I’ve run into an interesting issue, and I’m hoping a developer out there can provide some insight on how the module loading happens with anaconda.




1)       Custom distro based off of centos 5.0

2)       Trying to get support for an r8168 nic on new motherboard

3)       We use kickstart on the network to configure the distro


What I have done:

1)       Put the r8168 module in the initrd

2)       sed -e "s|10ec  Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd.|10ec  Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd.\n\t8168  RTL8111 PCI Express Fast Ethernet controller |" -i pci.ids

3)       echo "alias pci:v000010ECd00008168sv*sd*bc*sc*i* r8168" >> modules.alias


What I am experiencing:


            The module is in the initrd, and it does get loaded. However the module doesn’t get loaded before the automatic network configuration is done. If I manually ifconfig the card when I get to stage2 the card works without issue. Any thoughts on how I can get it to load the module sooner?




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