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[PATCH - 185522] - support network --device=MAC in kickstart

Here's two patches that implement what's being asked for in 185522.  Since
that's a private bug, I'll give you the one second summary.  Network device
named can move around between reboots.  What was eth0 last time might be
eth1 this time.  So it'd be nice to be able to have this in your kickstart

    network --device=00:11:22:33:44:55 --bootproto=...

Then you don't have to fuss with names.

In general, this is a direction we want to be moving in anaconda.  Network
devices and storage devices like to change names between reboots which is
why we say "Don't use device names!" but we don't really provide usable
alternatives most of the time.

Anyway I almost can't believe it's this easy to implement.  I suppose when
the bug was opened it wasn't so easy, but David did all the hard work of
converting loader to using libnl.  All I had to do was put some stuff on

The libnl part is tested, but the kickstart part is not.  Am I missing some
obviously hard part of adding this feature?

- Chris

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