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Re: [PATCH] Use device ids instead of paths for action pruning. (#500808)

On Thu, 2009-05-28 at 11:15 -0400, Chris Lumens wrote:
> > Both look good to me, I wonder if this is F-11 material though.
> Yeah this is really late.  Unfortunately the renumbering thing is
> hitting us in a couple really major ways:
> - The protected partitions get lost if you delete earlier partitions.
> - If you create some new partitions, then delete them, then create
>   new ones.
> - If you delete logical partitions and then the extended partition,
>   getting the sort order incorrect.
> If we don't fix this, we are going to see some serious problems in F11.
> The problem is that we are fundamentally changing how partitions are
> referenced in a couple places and that really needs more testing than we
> are going to be able to give it.

I suspect, the above scenarios are more likely in custom partitioning
use cases (which seems common enough).  

A few follow-up questions as it relates to F11 ...

      * If we don't fix this, are there workarounds we can document in
      * If we do fix this, what other partitioning areas would be
        impacted?  Would this warrant a reset of all F11 partitioning
      * Should this bug be on the F11AnacondaBlocker list? 


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