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Re: [PATCH] Use device ids instead of paths for action pruning. (#500808)

> I suspect, the above scenarios are more likely in custom partitioning
> use cases (which seems common enough).  

Weren't we able to reproduce 500808 by having a pre-existing partition
layout involving multiple logical partitions, then choosing to use the
whole disk and doing the default partitioning scheme.

That seems like a fairly common thing to do to me.

>       * If we don't fix this, are there workarounds we can document in
>         https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Common_F11_bugs 

We can likely point people at an updates.img, yes.

Any workarounds would probably be some sort of thing like "be really
careful what you do on the UI so you don't have to delete things you
made" or "when it crashes, reboot and try the partitioning again".

>       * If we do fix this, what other partitioning areas would be
>         impacted?  Would this warrant a reset of all F11 partitioning
>         testing?

I'm going to defer to dlehman on this first question.  On the second, I
wouldn't be comfortable without extensive testing.  It looks like a
fairly innocuous change, but we're seen simple looking changes explode
on us in weird ways before.

>       * Should this bug be on the F11AnacondaBlocker list? 

Now that we have both a handle on the problem and a potential fix, yeah
maybe.  I've put Andy on some testing with an updates.img.  Her initial
report is it's working, but noticably slower when committing the

- Chris

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