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Re: master branch, UI rewrite.

> > - The Edit VG dialog pops up behind the Make LV dialog.  Is this
> >   intentional?  I think it's kind of weird.
> I would change this but after we push these changes.
> Its not intentional, but its unavoidable for now.  Since I am using the
> volume group edit class, which directly relates the logical volume edit
> with the volume group edit, its pops the volume group screen in the
> back.  Think of this as a stepping stone for changing the logical volume
> edit class.  When that class is refactored, we can take the logical
> volume editing logic out of it and put it somewhere else (where it can
> be used individually)

Do you think you'll have time to do these changes in the next week?  I
think they're necessary but not immediately needed.

> > - The "sda (/dev/sda)" label on the tree view should probably contain
> >   more useful information in the parens, like model or size or
> >   something.
> I'd would not change this.
> Well, The size is already present in two places.  Its in the next
> column and its in the graph view.  Additionally, think of bios raid,
> where the given information is not so trivial.

On RAID sure, it doesn't really make much sense.  But I think on disks,
duplicating the name twice in the same line looks goofy.  Model would
probably be the most useful piece of data to put there, especially given
how device names aren't really used at all throughout the storage
filtering UI.

> > I don't consider any of these big enough to delay you merging these
> > patches onto head, by the way.
> Yep, they are pretty small and, IMO, needed.

I'm fine with you pushing this stuff to head when you're comfortable and
then doing the other minor fixups later.  We need to get all these RHEL6
new things in sooner rather than later so we can give them proper

- Chris

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