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Re: [PATCH] Provide an easier way to get a minimal install (#523839).

On Thu, Oct 15, 2009 at 1:53 PM, Chris Lumens <clumens redhat com> wrote:
>> > There's a lot of "should" and "most" in that last sentence, though.  It
>> > seems like General should also pull in all of Office, and now we're
>> > talking task dependencies, and that's pretty awful.
>> Yep, that's why I've closed the bug WONTFIX a bunch of times in the past ;)
>> I honestly *don't* have a great answer aside from "take out
>> interactive package selection altogether".  But that continues to
>> prove unpopular.
> If you disliked my first suggestion, you're probably going to hate this
> one.  But here goes.

Yep, I do ;-)  It's the sort of UI atrocity that we've really tried to
avoid on that screen.

If we can't kill of the screen entirely (+ interactive package
selection), maybe another idea would be radio buttons to choose
between a few pre-cooked selections.  Then you could have

( ) Minimal (hi.  I am just a command line.  please don't choose me)
( ) Graphical Desktop  (defaults of today)
( ) Desktop developer (today + software development)
( ) Web server (probably basic desktop + web bits)

By being radio buttons, there's no question of combining.  Yes, it
means it kind of sucks if you want a web server + desktop development,
but you can do that later

- Jeremy

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