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let stage2= honor NFS options


in an attempt to work around bug #528537 (NFS mounts do not fall back
to NFSv3/2 at the moment) I found out that the ks= command line option
has a method to provide NFS options to the mount command:


This worked but unfortunately this does not work for stage2:


makes anaconda mount host "nfsvers=3" and path "host".

See also bug #529197 and the attached patch.

However I have not yet grasped all concepts of pungi, composes and
anaconda booting to be able to test it all coherently. I'll continue to
play with it but msivak asked me to make a bug and send a mail on it
already. Hopefully it is useful.


--- loader/method.c.orig	2009-10-14 13:39:39.000000000 +0200
+++ loader/method.c	2009-10-14 14:02:01.000000000 +0200
@@ -507,8 +507,17 @@
             ((struct nfsInstallData *)ld->stage2Data)->mountOpts = NULL;
             ((struct nfsInstallData *)ld->stage2Data)->host = strdup(c);
-            if ((c = strtok(NULL, ":")))
+            if ((c = strtok(NULL, ":"))) {
                 ((struct nfsInstallData *)ld->stage2Data)->directory = strdup(c);
+                if ((c = strtok(NULL, ":"))) {
+                    ((struct nfsInstallData *)ld->stage2Data)->mountOpts = 
+                      ((struct nfsInstallData *)ld->stage2Data)->host;
+                    ((struct nfsInstallData *)ld->stage2Data)->host = 
+                      ((struct nfsInstallData *)ld->stage2Data)->directory;
+                    ((struct nfsInstallData *)ld->stage2Data)->directory =
+                      strdup(c);
+                }
+            }
                 ((struct nfsInstallData *)ld->stage2Data)->directory = NULL;
         } else if (!strncmp(arg, "ftp:", 4) || 

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