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Re: master branch, UI rewrite.

> I also added 3 new videos showing the relevant features:
> http://jgranado.fedorapeople.org/anaconda/ui/videos/lv_create_workflow
> http://jgranado.fedorapeople.org/anaconda/ui/videos/edit_delete_buttons
> http://jgranado.fedorapeople.org/anaconda/ui/videos/message_in_canvas

Things I noticed:

- On the "Create..." dialog, the drop down next to the radio button for
  creating an LV should be disabled unless the radio button is checked.

- I think better wording for that same radio button label would be
  "LVM Logical Volume on " and then the drop down.  I think it makes the
  drop down flow better from the wording.

- The Edit VG dialog pops up behind the Make LV dialog.  Is this
  intentional?  I think it's kind of weird.

- The "sda (/dev/sda)" label on the tree view should probably contain
  more useful information in the parens, like model or size or

- What dialog does clicking Edit when you have an LV highlighted take
  you to?

I don't consider any of these big enough to delay you merging these
patches onto head, by the way.

> 2. I removed the "Hide" thingy.

Die, die, die!

> 3. Created the 'create lv' button.  With this new button one can create
> an LV from the VG screen or from the 'create' screen.
> 4. Modified the 'edit' and 'delete' buttons to activate only when they
> are relevant.


> 5. There is now a message that reads 'Please Select A Device' when no
> devices are selected.

This is a little unusual, but I think it's probably okay, and I'm
willing to let it stay and see what everyone else thinks.

- Chris

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