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Re: [PATCH 1/2] Write an AUTO ... line to mdadm.conf (#537329)


On 04/13/2010 08:54 PM, David Lehman wrote:
On Tue, 2010-04-13 at 17:11 +0200, Hans de Goede wrote:
Write an "AUTO +imsm +1.x -all" line to mdadm.conf, and always
write mdadm.conf. This is necessary for proper activation of
Intel BIOS RAID sets when they are configured in the OROM
after installation.

This patch is intended for f13-branch and rhel6-branch too.
  storage/__init__.py |   11 +++--------
  1 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

diff --git a/storage/__init__.py b/storage/__init__.py
index ebbf9ed..b19dd18 100644
--- a/storage/__init__.py
+++ b/storage/__init__.py
@@ -2135,7 +2135,6 @@ class FSSet(object):

      def mdadmConf(self):
          """ Return the contents of mdadm.conf. """
-        retval = None
          arrays = self.devicetree.getDevicesByType("mdarray")
@@ -2148,19 +2147,15 @@ class FSSet(object):

          conf = "# mdadm.conf written out by anaconda\n"
          conf += "MAILADDR root\n"
+        conf += "AUTO +imsm +1.x -all\n"

This makes me nervous. What else are we changing here besides firmware
raid? Don't say nothing -- I won't believe you.

We are telling mdadm that it is ok to auto assembly imsm (Intel firmware RAID)
*and* normal mdraid sets with a metadata version of 1.x, which are sets
either manually created by people, or created by the F-13 (or later) anaconda.

The idea here is that 1.x metadata contains a homehost identifier, so if some
random disk with mdraid 1.x metadata is plugged in, the homehost won't match
and thus it won't be auto assembled, where as sets created on the host which
is booting will be. This has all been discussed in the "mdadm update" mail
thread on which you are on the CC (although I cannot blame you for not following

This is done an the explicit request of Doug Ledford, and I double checked with
him that the +1.x should be added for F-13 too.

Note that this only impacts post installation booting, and not anything happening
while we are installing.



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