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Re: Using Kickstart to force a local boot


On Mon, Dec 6, 2010 at 7:21 AM, Matt Wallace
<lists truthisfreedom org uk> wrote:
> OK, thanks. I feared as much, it just means setting all devices to boot from
> HDD first and the PXE if the OS is not found...

  At a previous job a while ago, we had machines network booting based
off their IP range (using a pxelinux config file name with only six or
seven hex digits instead of eight for specifying the full IP address).

  I made a web form which created the eight-char files configured to
do the kickstart installation, and there was a separate script which
deleted the file based off the IP address that accessed the script.
The kickstart post script section then just had something at the end

curl -s http://kickstart/cgi-bin/finished

  This obviously assumes that you're running a web server on the same
machine as the tftp server and that you can use network booting for
every machine (even if it's just using the instruction to tell it to
locally boot).  You'll also need a quick SELinux module to allow those
tftp files to be created and deleted by httpd, but this is one method
that solved automating another step of the installs for me.


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