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Re: "Parallelization" of installation configuration and file copying

On 12/09/2010 02:43 AM, Martin Sivak wrote:

There was a huge discussion about this on fedora-devel mailing list recently. The simple answer is: Anaconda supports a lot more stuff than Ubuntu installer does and the paralelization is not possible at the moment.

However we are currently working on better UI experience and will be discussing possible bigger changes at the upcoming FUDCon in January.

So stay tuned, we aren't asleep :)

Also, to see the work-in-progress that Martin is referring to:


You can see our notes and some mockups of new user interface designs.

Anaconda is a complicated project, but if you want to contribute, I suggest starting here:


Development discussions take place on this mailing list. If you have patches you would like to submit, post them on this list and the team will review them. No promises on whether or not a patch will be accepted, but we welcome contributions from users.

Martin Sivák
msivak redhat com
Red Hat Czech
Anaconda team / Brno, CZ

----- "Hugo Osvaldo Barrera"<hugo osvaldobarrera com ar>  wrote:

Hi list!

I'm new to this list, so I hope I'm not breaking any netiquette. (I
think not).

I recently had to re-install my GF's computer which runs ubuntu, and
noticed something rather neat, efficient, and, honestly, simple in
latest installer.

The installer only asks about target disks before starting file
copying.  Information about time-zone, user accounts, etc., is done
while the file are copied ("in parallel").
I find this to be really neat and efficient.  Some users may take
time to read and think about steps that are not required to copy the
files to disk.  Waiting for the user to complete these step before
copying files is just... not efficient.

I *might* be able to pick up anaconda's source and see if I can pull
this off myself, but not until about 3 weeks from now (I just moved,
have no internet at home).

What's the general process for this sort of thing?  Does it need some

formal approval?  Can I just submit a patch and expect it to go though

if everything's ok?  Is anyone else interested in this as I am?


David Cantrell <dcantrell redhat com>
Red Hat / Honolulu, HI

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