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Re: some brainstorming on location in anaconda

> On boot, as soon as there is networking available, start geoclue. Acquire
> location information. Then, feed the information as so:
> - country, lat/lon (from geoclue)
> -> timezone (from country, lat/lon, via tzdata)
> -> language (via ???????, see below)
>  -> keyboard layout (from country/language combo, via xkeyboard-config)
>  -> text font (hardcoded!)
> Notes:
> - What if we don't have network? Do DHCP always on link!
> - It's easy to get a list of possible languages given the country. There's
>   no canonical data source of what to use for the *primary* language,
>   though. We could make a mapping table (ugh), or do heuristics (double ugh).
> - text font is hardcoded to 'latarcyrheb-sun16'. We could conceivable have
>   an override for the very few people who can't use that.

If the user provides lang= and/or kbd= on the command line, I assume we
have enough data to do the reverse mapping back to guess timezone and
the rest.  Or, do we proceed with the geoclue guess and then use any
lang= or kbd= setting to augment what we figured out?  This has
implications for kickstart too.

Also, what do we do about loader?  For the common use case, we likely
will not stop in the loader so there will be no need to prompt.
However, there are still a fair number of other reasons why we might
have to do something interactive in loader - method selection, driver
disk, can't fetch kickstart file, bring up network, etc.

- Chris

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