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Re: some brainstorming on location in anaconda

> > If the user provides lang= and/or kbd= on the command line, I assume we
> > have enough data to do the reverse mapping back to guess timezone and
> > the rest.
> ... 'maybe'? If they select (for a random example) Spanish and Dvorak,
> that's not a unique combination that suggests a location. Although if
> they specify a full locale (es_ES, for example), we can then pick a
> country and therefore a timezone.

"es_ES vs. es" could be a tricky distinction to education people about,
but I don't yet see a better way to do it.  For kickstart, at least, we
can always introduce a new command.  Perhaps "locale --lang= --kbd=
--whatever=" that obsoletes the rest?

> > Also, what do we do about loader?  For the common use case, we likely
> > will not stop in the loader so there will be no need to prompt.
> > However, there are still a fair number of other reasons why we might
> > have to do something interactive in loader - method selection, driver
> > disk, can't fetch kickstart file, bring up network, etc.
> I thought method selection was dead, in favor of repo selection which
> is done in stage2?  For the rest... hmm.

You can still get the loader method selection screen if you pass
"askmethod".  Otherwise, anaconda now either takes what you provide for
method=/repo=, or uses whatever's in the default repo config files.
Most people should fall into the latter case.

For the rest - perhaps the answer is that as much of this as possible
should start moving into anaconda proper hopefully getting rid of the
loader environment entirely.  That's not really something we can crank
out in a week or two to get started on this locale stuff, though.

Alternatively, perhaps we can work up something in loader that uses
these same data sources but only provides the bare minimum of language
and keyboard configuration.  That gets us out of providing our own data
sources but doesn't require us to duplicate the whole fancy UI in
loader.  This could also be seen as a stop gap while we work on killing
loader entirely.

- Chris

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