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Re: some brainstorming on location in anaconda

On Mon, 2010-12-13 at 13:23 -0500, Chris Lumens wrote:

> For the rest - perhaps the answer is that as much of this as possible
> should start moving into anaconda proper hopefully getting rid of the
> loader environment entirely.  That's not really something we can crank
> out in a week or two to get started on this locale stuff, though.

I'm willing to help consider moving some of the driver bits up the
stack. What we did in RHEL6 with unloading all drivers and reloading can
be fixed to only reload changed drivers and their dependencies (this
wasn't done before because it takes some ugliness to do this right)
using SRCVERSION data to verify that the module actually changed. But we
still have some drivers where we can't realistically load them other
than early on, so we should think about it some more. I don't think
graphics drivers matter hugely because we generally recommend doing an
install with VESA or whatever works out of the box to get going, but
there are probably some other cases. Let's talk about this.

Also, two random other comments:

1). I don't think you should always bring the network up without giving
an option not to do so, or making it clear you are going to do this.

2). Many countries do not have an official language, which I would
imagine is why you won't find it in an easy lookup table. For example,
in the United Kingdom, in the country of England there is no official
language (!English). A similar situation applies in the US. Some people
get worked up about this kind of thing, like they do about flags.


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