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Re: lorax for Fedora 15

> I nominate lorax as ready to be part of Fedora 15, replacing the
> buildinstall portion of anaconda.
> I have built two install DVDs for x86_64 from Fedora 15 rawhide using
> pungi+lorax.  Today's DVD using anaconda-15.11 installed successfully
> on non-virtualized "bare hardware", and the installed system booted
> and is now running.  There was a problem with firstboot, so I ran
> 'adduser' by hand.
> Creating the DVD.iso was much faster:  about 20 minutes for pungi+lorax,
> versus about 40 minutes for pungi+buildinstall.  The lorax run also
> cached the .rpm for the installer itself, instead of re-downloading
> all of them each time.
> Congratulations and "Thank you" to Martin Gracik for a large part
> of the recent work in making lorax ready for Fedora!

This is great news!

As far as getting this in for real, we have a Features page (which could
probably use some updating):


And a Review Ticket:


If you do a lot of package reviews, feel free to take it.  Someone needs
to.  Once the package is in Fedora, then we can nuke stuff in scripts/.

- Chris

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