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Re: Prevent a module from loading during boot up RHEL6


This kind of issues should be put into bugzilla or the support portal.

But the short way to test this is to check what version does modinfo report, whether there is /root/DD-*/ with the installed module and whether the same module is properly in /lib/modules/<kernel> structure. Also reading the install logs (in /root and /var/log) might give you some more information.

You can also switch to second VT (C-A-F2) during install time and check /tmp/DD* directories + /lib/modules/<kernel>/DD. The updated module should be there.

Martin Sivák
msivak redhat com
Red Hat Czech
Anaconda team / Brno, CZ

----- "abhilash sankar" <sankarabhilash gmail com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am not sure this is the correct way to ask a question in this
> forum,
> pardon me if not, I am new to this forum. I am trying to install a
> driver (of driver disk v3 format) in RHEL6. The issue is I already
> have an inbox driver which handles the same device. I want to replace
> the driver with an entirely new driver. Installation of my driver is
> occurring correctly and my module is installed. But  always Inbox
> driver is getting preference and getting loaded. While installation
> itself I need my driver to be loaded. Is there any way i can disable
> the inbox driver module from getting loaded (on install time and in
> later bootup also) /is there anyway to change the precedence. Please
> help me....
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