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Re: [master 2/2] introduce loglevel flag and use it in yum's tty3 logging

> 1) Put the information in the anaconda_log.logger object.

This seems like a pretty good idea to me.

The anaconda object could also be a decent place for it.

> 2) Put it in installdata --- but that's out of question since you
> are going to remove it.

Right.  Don't put anything in instdata now unless you really have to,
since I'm going to be killing it post-branch.

> 3) Put it in flags, so loglevel gets to be handled in the same way
> like other stuff in opts. Why exactly do you object, is it because
> you want to remove flags too?

Peter's working on making the flags make sense, so we probably don't
want to touch too much stuff in there.  Also, adding things to flags
makes me wonder if there's not a better place for it.  The flags are
starting to seem like a catch-all for stuff that doesn't have a real

- Chris

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