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Re: RFC: changing the basic / advanced storage selection screen (F-14)

Hi Hans,

On 07/21/2010 11:07 AM, Hans de Goede wrote:
Hi All,

Currently even when basic storage gets selected we are
asking the users which disks to use twice, once in the filter ui
and once more in when selecting which disks should be considered
for clearing by the autopartition code.

This is confusing users, leading to a number of bz tickets sofar.
One often seen problem is user has sda and sdb, wants to install
to sdb, only select sdb in filter UI, so sda gets filtered out,
this results in sda also not being seen for bootloader installation
and the install never booting (as sda is the disk the system boots

As someone with only a small storage knowledge I have to say the two screens are confusing for me as well. I'd have to look at the code if I want to figure out the exact difference.

| |
| Installs or upgrades to devices such as Storage Area Networks |
| (SANs). This option will allow you to add FCoE / iSCSI / zFCP |
| disks and to filter out LUNs the installer should ignore. |
| |

The new is better.


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